About Us

Our mission at Julien Tax & Accounting Services is to serve our clients with our specialized, industry-tested tools and expert knowledge. We’re forever striving to extend the boundaries of our abilities to improve upon our already-unparalleled client support. Watching our clients reach their goals and grow their business through our support is our passion. We are dedicated to ensuring that each restaurant owner, small business owner, and healthcare provider that partners with us reaches their potential. 

We care about our clients, our work, our families, communities, and one another. We’ve built a business environment of that care, and in doing so have been able to recruit and retain a core team with extensive experience in tax, accounting, technology, and customer service. 
Our team strives to extend that care to our clients. Whether we see a client daily or yearly, they are shown our commitment to professionalism, ethics, courtesy, and excellence. We believe that the success of our company is built on this commitment and has gained us clients that value us as much as we value them. You have our word that we’ll hold true to that commitment.